The Bad Back Guy: An Introduction and An Invitation to Join Me As We Beat The Back Pain Complex

by coachz on April 4, 2009

Welcome to Ultimate Bad Back Strategies!

I created this blog because I know, first hand and from the perspective of a neck pain, back pain, and sciatica sufferer, what it’s like to have your life consumed by pain. I know what it’s like to never know from one day to the next what you will be able to do because the pain overwhelms your entire life. I know what it’s like to not be able to pick up your children and grandchildren because of the pain. I know what it’s like to go for nights at a time with little or no sleep, until exhaustion finally wins out and you get a few moments of escape…only to begin the whole process again upon waking.

I know what it’s like to contract osteomyelitis and not be able to get anyone to believe how much pain I was in until it almost took my life. And I know what it is like to take pain medication with little, and then no, relief at all.

Finally, I know what it is like to reclaim your life and life relatively pain free. Am I completely pain free? No! But I am living and walking and sleeping and, best of all, picking up my little 2 year old granddaughter Kailyn! Want to meet her? Go to YouTube and access my account, she’s an absolute jewel! Now? I can be part of her life without being irritable, doped up, and unavailable due to the pain. Now? When she jumps into my arms I can pick her up instead of having to push her away!

I am also a scientist, whose specialty is the spine and sacroiliac joint. Particularly the spine and sacroiliac joint and how they are affected as we age. Being a combination of bad back patient and back pain sufferer, along with being a physical anthropologist (like on the show “Bones”) specializing in the spine and sacroiliac provides me with a unique perspective, one I hope to pass along to you.

So, come along and join me! I will not steer you wrong because I know, first hand, what you are going through and wish for you the same relief I now experience.

I want you to have your life back too! It’s amazing and it can be a reality…just come along and you’ll see!

These are some of the programs I recommend. I hope they help you as much as they helped me!




Good luck and let me know what you think! Any products on the side panel are super for back problems!

1) Get an ice-compression brace for the times when nothing else works for the pain…it will! I know!

2) New Balance running shoes, they have awesome heel cushioning that makes such a difference when pain makes you count your steps all day long, just to make it through the day. I too know what it’s like to have to plan your steps all day long, just to make it through the day!

3) WalkFit Orthotics for the days when you can’t wear your New Balance but need cushioning and support. These really help!

4) Bone & Joint Natural Pain Reliever. They really helped me when nothing else did! I was amazed because I have never bought into the whole natural thing…but they work. They build up in your system and then, all of the sudden, you realize the pain isn’t as bad as it once was!

5) And others on the side panel, all good and all safe! All of the products are top-notch and help! The canes, walkers, and scooters, and I’ve used all of them at one time or another, are from the best suppliers I could find, and I did my research!

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