Overcoming Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Sciatica: Achieve Lasting Pain Relief!

by coachz on August 25, 2009

Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Sciatica are Effectively Relieved by Eliminating the 5 Factors Affecting The Back Pain Complex!

We have addressed the various curvatures of the spine here, on blogs, and on the various video sharing sites across the Internet. It should be apparent to you by now that the primary and secondary curvatures of the spine play a central role in what I refer to as the back pain complex: neck pain, back pain and/or sciatica. The curvatures are made up of the vertebrae, the intervertebral discs or IVDs, the connective tissue that helps to support the spine and the various other structures of the body, and the tendons and muscles that move the structures of the body…in this case our focus being the spine.

Several factors work against the various curvatures of the spine, contributing to neck pain, back pain and/or sciatica. The five factors that have the greatest impact on the spine are:

1. Excess weight or obesity

2. Muscle weakness

3. Muscle imbalance

4. Improper or inadequate diet and nutrition

5. Hydration or rather dehydration

Excessive Weight, Obesity, and The Back Pain Complex

Excess weight and/or obesity have a significant impact, particularly on the secondary curvatures, those of the cervical and lumbar regions… the neck and low back. The cervical and lumbar regions already come under tremendous stress on a day-to-day basis as they attempt to deal with the stress associated with holding our heads up and walking upright. As we add extra weight, these curvatures often undergo significant structural changes, exacerbating neck pain and lower back pain, respectively.
Muscle weakness contributes to neck pain, back pain and/or sciatica in a number of different ways. Not only do we experience pain as a result of muscle strain and muscle spasm, we also experience pain as a result of increased stress being transferred from the muscles that should handle and absorb the stress to the associated and adjoining structures not meant to handle that level or degree of stress and trauma. Muscle weakness, while seemingly a simple concept, is actually quite complicated and affects the entire musculoskeletal system in an adverse manner.

Muscle Imbalance and The Back Pain Complex

Muscle imbalance is a difficult concept for many to grasp because it is rarely discussed, and even more infrequently dealt with by the medical community. However, muscle imbalance is central to understanding and developing a strategy for the relief of neck pain, back pain, and sciatica. The entire body is made up of opposing muscle groups, ideally working together to move the body. Unfortunately, as is the case in most relationships, one side is usually dominant over the other…this is precisely the case with muscle imbalances. As stated in a previous video, muscle imbalances are like mini arguments, muscle dialectics. One muscle argues with another muscle creating an imbalance. In order to deal with the back pain complex resulting from these arguments, it is up to us to find a solution, in this case a synergy or a synthesis between the two muscle arguments…a balance! Unless muscle balance is achieved, the underlying cause of the neck pain, back pain and/or sciatica, muscle imbalance, the pain will continue. If the muscle imbalance is not addressed, the imbalance will become more pronounced, and there will be other consequences for the spine and associated connective tissue and musculature of the musculoskeletal system.

Improper Nutrition, Inadequate Diet, and The Back Pain Complex

Improper and/or inadequate diet and nutrition is, as in the case of muscle imbalance, an often overlooked and/or ignored area when it comes to dealing with neck pain, back pain and/or sciatica. Interestingly, this area of concern is central because without adequate nutrition the body cannot rebuild itself, it cannot heal properly. Consequently, while vitally important in addressing the back pain complex, it is often ignored by the medical community. When we think of adequate diet and nutrition we often think in terms of muscle building and/or rebuilding. The fact is, diet and nutrition go to the very heart of the back pain complex. We will address this issue in much greater depth in an upcoming article, but suffice it to say, without the proper nutrition neck pain, back pain and/or sciatica cannot be completely or effectively dealt with.

Dehydration and The Back Pain Complex

Finally, hydration, or rather dehydration, is a crucial component in any strategy developed to help relieve neck pain, back pain and/or sciatica. The intervertebral discs or IVDs are primarily made up of water. Lack of adequate water intake, dehydration, negatively impacts IVD health, ultimately leading to neck pain, back pain and/or sciatica…and degenerative disc disease. We take in diet pop, coffee, tea, alcohol, and other diuretics (energy drinks being a big culprit) and rarely drink adequate amounts of water to replenish the water our bodies, and particularly the IVDs use every day to function, build, and rebuild. The result? Neck pain, back pain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and much more!

How to Achieve Lasting Relief: The 5 Factors and Baby Steps!

So, how do we overcome the back pain complex? We deal with the 5 contributory factors, we get active one step at a time (remembering baby steps), we keep a journal of our efforts in order to track our results (good and bad), and we use the help of those around us who are willing and able to help! Use the program I recommend at:


and please take the time to comment, tell your story, provide feedback so others can learn from your experiences and, hopefully, learn something you used that will help them to overcome their neck pain, back pain and/or sciatica!

Wishing you a healthy back!


Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr., The Bad Back Guy
Skype: johnzajaros1

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