Neck, Back and Sciatic Nerve Pain Exercise: The Recumbent Bike

by coachz on November 17, 2009

The Recumbent Bike for Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Sciatica Exercise


Low-Impact Exercise and Treatment: Offsets Loss of Muscle Tone and Weakness!

The recumbent bike, as I have said many times before is one of the best overall neck pain, back pain, and sciatica relief exercises! If there is a problem with the recumbent bike, it is sometimes with people experiencing severe sciatica. However, even with most cases of sciatica, the recumbent bike is very useful if used properly.

The low-impact nature of the bike, plus its all-around, all-weather usage makes it ideal for year round application. Not only that, the gains made on the recumbent bike are lasting. Even with time off, I still went right back to my old fitness level in a short amount of time!

Overall, the recumbent bike can’t be beaten as a neck pain, back pain, and sciatica relief aerobic-based activity…unless of course you compare walking. And interestingly, walking falls a bit short for those just beginning an exercise program because with the recumbent bike you are always a few steps from your car, your home, and from help…if you need any of them.

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