How to Lose Weight and Beat Back Pain and Sciatica: The Bad Back Guy and the Buddy System!

by coachz on May 5, 2009

Lower back pain is a condition many people experience during their lifetime. There is new evidence that indicates that being overweight or obese could be causing much of the lower back pain experienced by people today, particularly individuals carrying too much weight or obese. It is vitally important to obtain an accurate diagnosis as to the cause of the pain because back pain may have a myriad of causes and consequences.

Obesity has become the number one preventable disease in the United States today. The greater the amount of weight an individual carries in the midsection, meaning the stomach, the “love handles,” and the lower back, the higher the risk of lower back pain and sciatica. Weight loss will definitely alleviate the pain and may, in fact, eliminate it altogether.

Weight loss programs are not created equal. Each person has a different metabolism and what may work for one back pain and sciatica sufferer may not work for someone else. However, with any weight loss program, attitude, lifestyle change, and motivation are all key factors in the a successful weight loss and back pain management strategy.

Attitude is crucial! It is important to believe you can take control of the situation, and your life. While it may seem hokey, a mantra of “Yes I Can, Yes I Will” may be exactly what the doctor ordered! Yes you can lose the weight and Yes you will lose the weight! Start your weight loss program and continue it daily thinking “Yes I Can, Yes I Will!” Think and practice this daily, retrain your brain, programming it with the proper, positive attitude. The retraining then leads you to a lifestyle change, seventeen days and a routine becomes a habit, the habit shapes your life.

Lifestyle change will come gradually and over time. It is hard to break old habits and if you go on a “crash” plan, it isn’t always effective. Consequently, what often occurs is a reversion, a shift back to our old ways. If we attempt to change Rome over night, in our enthusiasm to achieve, we may actually go too quickly, and fail. So, begin by making a list of things you would like to change in your life, strategies for dealing effectively with your back pain and sciatica. Perhaps you find excuses for not taking a daily walk. Place this at the top of the list! We all know exercise is important for weight loss, it is also crucial as a back pain and sciatica strategy. Next, take a look at what kinds of food and snacks you routinely bring into the house. Are they contributing to your weight, and hence your back pain and sciatica? When you eat out, do you order high fat foods, such as french fries instead of a salad?

Goals are also important in any weight loss and bad back strategy. Start gradually and only take small steps to achieve them. “Baby steps out the door! Baby steps around the block!” After all, we developed our habits over our lifetime and one cannot be expected to change these habits overnight, it just doesn’t work. However, you can change bad habits, it may take time and effort but it can and should be done. Remember, “Yes I Can, Yes I Will.”

Motivation keeps you on track. You are going to have your highs and lows with motivation, successes and failures with weight loss, and good days and bad days with your back pain. One of the best motivators, of course, is seeing the scale drop, being able to fit into that dress or those jeans again, both of which had been sitting in the closet collecting dust. Weight loss is a big motivator, weight loss and a noticeable reduction in pain levels will make you hit the block for an extra time around!

As an integral component of any motivation plan, rewards are extremely important. Change is difficult and if you’ve made changes, changed a few bad habits, give yourself a reward, a night out on the town…or simply a banana split! It won’t hurt, in fact it will keep you going and working for the next reward. Begin to plan not only the motivational strategy, the back pain and sciatica reducing strategy, but he rewards you are going to treat yourself to as you work toward a specific end. As the old saying goes, we are all creatures of habit.

Don’t get discouraged if the weight loss isn’t happening as quickly as you would like, don’t get down if you have a bad back pain or sciatica episode. Just remember to stay on track, stay focused on your goals, and achieve the results you working towards. Don’t go backwards, keep on moving forward, and remember:

“Yes I Can, Yes I Will.”

It is often helpful to use a buddy system, another individual who is also attempting to achieve a goal. Your goals do not have to coincide with your buddy’s. The goals may be completely different from the one’s you are attempting to achieve, that’s fine. The most important component of a buddy system is that you are aware of each other’s goals and that you are totally committed to each other, to helping the other person, your buddy, achieve their goals. Are there other members in your household or do you have a friend who needs to lose weight? Is someone you know suffering from back pain and/or sciatica and carrying a few too many pounds? Propose the two of you work together to achieve your goals. It will be beneficial to both of you and it will help you stay motivated and on track. Ultimately, you will both end up carrying less weight, you weight loss goals achieved, and the back pain and sciatica will have been significantly reduced or eliminated!

A successful weight loss strategy begins with a strong foundation of attitude, lifestyle change, and motivation. Harmony of purpose and an unselfish alliance are key components enabling the back pain and sciatica sufferer who is carrying too much weight to achieve a balance in lifestyle, eliminating bad habits, succeeding in his or her weight loss program, and reducing back pain and sciatica due to a partnership and an effective bad back strategy!

These are some of the programs I recommend. I hope they help you as much as they helped me! They are ordered in terms of preference! All three are great but number one is amazing! It works!

1) This program guarantees complete back pain relief in 21 days! It often doesn’t even take that long!




More Love Less Fat eBook: A Fantastic Weight Loss Program!

And another super program for weight loss, one of the best I have found!
1) Get an ice-compression brace for the times when nothing else works for the pain…it will! I know, see the article and video above!

2) New Balance running shoes, they have awesome heel cushioning that makes such a difference when pain makes you count your steps all day long, just to make it through the day. I too know what it’s like to have to plan your steps all day long, just to make it through the day!

3) WalkFit Orthotics for the days when you can’t wear your New Balance but need cushioning and support. These really help!

4) Bone & Joint Natural Pain Reliever. They really helped me when nothing else did! I was amazed because I have never bought into the whole natural thing…but they work. They build up in your system and then, all of the sudden, you realize the pain isn’t as bad as it once was!

5) And others on the side panel, all good and all safe! All of the products are top-notch and help! The canes, walkers, and scooters, and I’ve used all of them at one time or another, are from the best suppliers I could find, and I did my research!

6) NEW! AlignMed is an awesome new product I discovered on Twitter, of all places! This product is fantastic! I love it!

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